About Us

We are a professional drinking water company operating in Dubai. We are here to serve the people of Dubai and fill their heart with content by providing them the best quality drinking water there is. Found in 1976, ours is a company where every employee works to his fullest and makes sure that the products are delivered on time towards customer satisfaction. We abide by the law in earnest and have in place, the latest state of the art technology, to create pristine quality water. We have spared no expense on anything and everything we do has 100% value.

What we do

We are extremely specialised in all our departments, from our manufacturing, packaging and finally to the distribution, all of us work with a hive mentality with our actions co-ordinated and connected with each other so that it is ensured that there is a smooth process from beginning to end. Currently our production specialises in 5 gallon, 500 ml and 100 ml bottles.

Our vision

Our vision is to provide the best quality water service to the people of the UAE. With our advanced technology we have we aim to reach the top of the game, and seal ourselves as the providers of the best quality water and we stand by our motto of always putting the customer first.

Our mission

We work hard all day, 24/7, and because of that we are always sure of everyone’s capacity to do work. All of us are dedicated to the job, and we treat everyone with importance and value them as part of our close knitted group. At the end of the day, all of us are united in the mission to give our customers the best that they can buy.

Customer Service

Our customer management team are around the active and are willing to take up your calls and answer your questions. We are always looking for feedback and will answer all questions mailed to us accordingly, so that you can get the best results out of our valuable human resource team.

Business Deals

We believe that to attain success, we have to make ourselves part of the greater business community and take into account the needs of our sponsors and clients. We are here to be a part of the flourishing business community and all our members are well aware of the fact that we are a part of a greater network of things. Our clients are always satisfied

Global Connectivity

Our services are global we’re always tuned in to the latest technology and have always seen ourselves as being in the forefront of technological application in the development of our products. Our network is vast and we always track the growth of technology and apply it to the factory and business process so that we maintain a sense of progress in the field.

Rigid Mechanism

Our very systems of operation have been tested and are commercially viable. It has been a tradition in the company to keep a strong hierarchy, because we believe that if you make a proper structure and a system that monitors it, then everything will function smoothly without any error. Rainbow has developed a stable structure.