Why Us

Rainbow is a company with a vision of changing people’s perspective. We are committed and all of us are working to our total capacity and because of this we have developed the finest products around and an efficient distribution system to deliver it right on time.

You should choose us because:

Our staffs of 50 employees are expertly trained and bring positive attitude and passion when doing their jobs.

Our various departments communicate with each other and everyone is connected in harmony.

All of us do our jobs to the fullest so that it can be ensured that nothing is left out.

We are endowed with management, finance, marketing, sales distribution, customer relations, manufacturing, logistics, business development.

We give quality products with a fair price tag.

Our products are clean and there are nothing contaminating it.

Our products have delivered the best health results.

Our products are refreshing to the senses.

Our customer care services are thorough and quick.

Choosing us would mean that you’ll have everything you’ll ever need in order to establish a proper link between the customer and the service provider:

You’ll have quality product.

Measured responses to your queries.

Complete assurance of safe production.

Fair price for the quality product.

Certification of authenticity.

Total Trust.